Financial Management/Accounting

In addition to Property Management services, Robertson Property Management also assists in the accounting of the building and in the related administration. We offer professional financial solutions to our clients and do our best to meet their unique needs. Through our accounting and administrative activities, we guarantee that the company owning the managed property will comply with all financial and corporate law obligations. We liaise with local authorities, tax and accounting administrations, lawyers, auditors and all other parties involved in accounting.

MAIN accounting services


  • Open/Change/Delete new accounts
  • Accounting of Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables
  • Filing contracts, invoices and other legal documents
  • Reconciliation of general ledger accounts
  • Accounting of manual entries, accruals and provisions
  • Perform monthly or quarterly closings
  • Keep register of fixed assets
  • Perform Minutes for capitalization of assets and Written-off
  • Reconciliation of fixed assets inventory
  • Accounting of fixed assets (depreciation, capitalization, written-off etc.)
  • Write/Update of Corporate Policies /Procedures (excluding transfer pricing)
  • Tracking changes in the accounting and tax rules, sharing these information with the client to help making right decisions
  • Support during audits and local inspections etc.
  • Bank accounts and accounting payments administration
  • Cash-flow management
  • Authorization of banks transfers in case of necessity
  • Register cash on hand (Petty Cash)

Financial Management:

  • Issuance of rental, operating and utility bills
  • Budget preparation (OPEX, CAPEX), follow-up, accounting
  • Monitoring and updating collateral
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Invoicing, approval

Preparation of Financial Statement and Notes:

  • Prepare the Financial Statement and Notes
  • Preparation and transmission of accounting information required for consolidation
  • Liaison with administrative bodies concerned with the tax and accounting reports of the Client
  • Liaison with auditors and administrative bodies responsible for the consolidated accounting of the Client
  • Liaison with lawyers in corporate issues and operational issues when it is needed etc.


  • Preparation of periodical reports, like balance sheet, profit and loss account to the representative of the owner or shareholders
  • Creating other summary reports to local authorities (MNB, KSH, etc.)
  • Assisting in the preparation of business plans etc. 

Tax management:

  • VAT, and other tax preparation (local business tax, building tax etc.) and calculation
  • Corporate income tax computation
  • Prompt submission of documents to the authorities in accordance with the law


Payroll Service:

  • Fulfilment all salary, sick-pay, family allowance calculation, salary transfer, tax and contribution settlement tasks
  • Answering of other, payroll-related questions, the preparation of salary calculations
  • Issuing income certificates
  • Fulfilment of labour-, immigration- tax- and social security administration tasks
  • Supporting/Representation of you in labour audits etc.

  Seat provider service:

  • Placing a sign board
  • Processing incoming mails
  • Liaising with the Hungarian authorities and taking the necessary measures
  • Document processing
Financial Management/Accounting


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