Project Management

The Robertson Project Management team cooperates in enforcing the CAPEX plans, internal fit-out, construction and mechanical needs. We provide an integrated approach throughout the project and ensure a continuous flow of information between the client and the experts, keeping in mind our client’s objectives. Our colleagues revise possible CAPEX, space and fit-out plans in order to get a whole picture about the economic viewpoints, quality and execution requirements. They provide regular feedback to the client on the quality of the construction, monitor the actual vs. planned progress and prepare updates to time schedule. At the end of the fit-out process, they check if the works have been completed in accordance with the designs, share their observations and confirmation for the client, furthermore they provide the verification report.

Steps of the Project Management process:

  • Design phase – tendering of design works
  • Construction phase – recommendation of general contractors, start of construction works
  • Handover phase – check the completed work, providing a snag list
  • Reporting – we prepare reports for our clients in order to monitor the fit-out works
Project Management


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