Workplace Solutions

The keystone of the process is to know comprehensively our clients’ needs, business goals, the regulations and operation of the company. We review the special, new requests, which we got previously from the management of the company and analyse the utilization, arrangement, functions of the current space. We consider the structure of the company, the quality of workplace cooperation and the need of creating “We” or “My” space for employees. We do this within the framework of a targeted study (arranging surveys and/or group/individual/leader interviews). After gathering, processing and analysing all the specific data, we present the imagined conceptual space plan.

Steps of the Workplace Solutions process:

  • Discovery Exercise Discussion phase – identification of workplace needs and issues
  • Collaborative Situations workshop – determining the level of cooperation in the workplace
  • Personal Preferences workshop – determining the need for personal space and privacy
  • On-site visits and personal interviews – collection of specific data from the company
  • Presentation of a conceptual space plan – presenting a visual plan based on the information gathered
Workplace Solutions


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