Property Management

Since its establishment in 1992, Robertson Property Management has provided a wide range of property management services to its international and local partners. For us, property management means that we pay equal and maximum attention to the needs of both our clients and tenants.

Professional real estate management requires a kind of strategy that is coupled with financial logic, dynamic Property Management, and on-site management of subcontractors. We strive to take the burden of real estate management and operation completely off the shoulders of our clients by carrying out the tasks entrusted to us, giving them the opportunity to operate and further develop their activities and services.

We serve the interests of our clients by maximizing revenues, preserving the condition of buildings, rationalizing costs, maintaining close and effective relationships with tenants, providing reliable regular reports, and ensuring compliance with all operational rules.

We achieve tenant satisfaction with our customer-centric approach, maintaining the quality of the services in the building, and ensuring the professional operation of the equipment. We try our best to make tenants feel at home in the buildings we manage. Our main goal is to improve the quality of site management and operation to the highest possible level.

Our Property Management Services:

  • Tenant management: Management of lease agreements, close quality relations with tenants
  • Technical Management: Full coordination of Operation - Hard and Soft FM Facility
  • Financial Management: Rents, Utilities, Common Cost, CAPEX and Debt Management
Property Management


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